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I created a new custom toolbar for the website, it's very useful, you can go to my Twitter, the BOH YouTube page, you can chat and alot more!


Download it: Here.


Facebook Farmville unlimited fuel hack

Hey everyone! So, I heard from an unlimited fuel hack on farmville, using cheat engine (download is at the "Useful links" category), and I thought that I should maybe rediscover it, so here is is:

How to do it:

- Open Farmville and Cheat Engine.
- Go into the process list of Cheat Engine, and select iexplore.exe (Internet Explorer) or firefox.exe (Firefox).
- Select "Hex", and in for the value type, select "Array of bytes" (picture).
- Then scan for 60 ?? ?? 46 ?? ?? 00 73 63
- Now you should have 3-4 results, double-click them all, they should now appear in the address list below.
- Now right-click them, go to Change Record>Value and then a box should pop up with a textbox in it.
- In the textbox, type 02 02 02 02 02 02 24 00 63 and click "OK".

Now you are able to use your tractor, seeder, and harvester without using any fuel, at all! Do not make a video of this in YouTube, because then it will certainly be patched.

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